Join South Asia's most prestigious educational fair in Bangladesh
11—15 April 2020          

About the organizer

EBEE 2020 is hosted by GSC Global Solutions Ltd., Malaysia, and its partner agencies in Hungary and the United Kingdom. It is owned and managed by Muhammad Shoaib Chy, a former graduate from the United Kingdom and a well-established entrepreneur in Bangladesh with 15 years of experience in higher education promotion under his belt.

Since its inception in 2009, GSC Global Solutions, formerly known as DHS Aviation, has been providing its services to thousands of students in South Asia and organizing activities for foreign universities and colleges.

GSC Global Solutions is an educational servicing company specialized, among other things, in providing marketing and logistical services to foreign universities, which strive to promote their programs in South Asia (including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) via subcontracted agents, high schools, institutions of higher education, roadshows, workshops, and small-scale expos.

GSC Global Solutions has six branch offices in Bangladesh, and two overseas representations in Malaysia and Hungary, respectively. Currently, the company boasts of having 80 employees and an international managerial team with more than 10 years of work experience in student recruitment, logistics, organizing, and higher education promotion.

As a reputed educational consultancy provider, GSC Global Solutions has a wide range of experience in international education; both undergraduate and post graduate. It offers student placement to various European countries (all EU member states as well as Albania, Kosovo, and Moldova), Canada, the US, the UK, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Until 2020, GSC Global Solutions signed over 100 agreements of cooperation with universities and colleges from the countries listed above, cherishing particularly strong relations with Eastern and Central European countries, including Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

GSC Global Solutions continues formalizing its relationship with additional universities from EU member states, but also places equal emphasis on partnering with universities from Norway, Switzerland, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia.

To date, GSC Global Solutions has hosted more than 20 roadshows and major workshops across Bangladesh to promote the programs of individual universities. 

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