Join South Asia's most prestigious educational fair in Bangladesh
11—15 April 2020          

Institutions from abroad


Any institution from Europe and beyond is welcome to attend the fair either as an exhibitor to discover the unique opportunities that student recruitment represents in Bangladesh. While experience has shown that Bangladeshi students have a keen interest in studying in one of the EU member states, recent statistics have shown that this trend is changing. Increasing numbers of student from all over the country have chosen to persue their studies in countries, which are not yet members of the European Union.

It is for this reason that EBEE 2020 strongly encourages the partipation of both public and private universities from non-EU countries (Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Belarus) to understand the dynamics of the market, admit students with matching profiles, and establish partnerships with local high schools as well as with universities both from abroad and from Bangladesh.


Student audience


This event guarantees a grand audience of over 15,000 registered and walk-in visitors, including high school and university students from a variety of fields. Most prospective students you will meet come from wealthier households and were educated at English-medium schools. Our audience will consist of pre-assessed students, all of whom are guaranteed to:

- be conversant in English (from A2 to C1 levels)

- show a genuine interest to study in Europe

- have a minimum Grade Point Average equivalent to B- (on the US grading scale)

- possess an in-depth knowledge in their respective fields.


University audience


Some of the largest, oldest, and most reputable public research universities are the University of Dhaka, the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and the University of Rajshahi, all of which will be represented during the event. A list of private and public universities to participate will appear on the website and in our newsletters.


Governmental and diplomatic presence


Government officials from various public sectors, regulatory bodies, and representatives of diplomatic missions (embassies and consulates) and international organizations accredited to Bangladesh will also honor the event with their presence.