Join South Asia's most prestigious educational fair in Bangladesh
11—15 April 2020          


EBEE 2020 will be an exceptional, world-class student-centered fair that empowers individuals to grow, thrive and prosper within a changing world by choosing the right university for their prospective studies.


EBEE 2020 is the first-ever fair organized in Bangladesh to promote European education. It provides relevant and innovative experiences that successfully prepare students to move to Europe, complete their higher studies, engage in career development and lifelong learning.

EBEE 2020 is committed to providing accessible and affordable study options for all individuals with the involvement of its partner institutions.

In addition to paving the way toward higher education goals, it also values collaborative partnerships between European universities and Bangladeshi organizations; it strengthens and enriches the intellectual, economic and cultural vitality of the communities it seeks to serve without regard to race, color, and creed.

EBEE 2020 Core Values

Work collaboratively in a supportive environment that keeps students central and values scholarly merits, and the people we serve.

Focus on quality and continuous improvement in providing attendees with the best logistical support and otherwise.

Ensure fair and equal access for all; recognize, appreciate and celebrate the strength of diversity.

Encourage and reward new ideas, proactive thinking and use of evolving technology.

Foster trust, courtesy and open communication.

Promote ethical and honest behavior.

Maintain effective and efficient programs and services in student recruitment.

Enjoy and celebrate the work we do.